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Design hub have expanded the options for new kitchen design ideas and improvements whether you are considering an upgrade or a complete renovation, from functional details to customized orders.


Everyone has different ideas when it comes to choosing a closet style according what fits their needs and spaces. Having an optimized space where each item has its perfect location is just all you need for an optimal storage solution.

Reach in closets

Closets that includes different variations of drawers, shelves, hanging rods, and other storage compartments. Designed to fit in as many things with some custom solutions.

Walk in closets

A room on its own, but completely designed to fit all your needs and with style to store all your items. It allows you to get a full view of everything you need. It is a highly flexible choice which can be used for countless different options and customizations.

Makeup units

Professionals designers works directly with you to discover your ideas and specific needs, then fashions them into well designed solutions for your make up items.

Tv units

A custom tv unit can be designed to match your current living room furniture with ease.

Coffee corner

For all the coffee lovers out there, that have love not only for the coffee but for the places too then these coffee corners are for you. You can create a coffee corner by using drawers, table, or set of shelves and add your coffee machine and all the necessary accessories.


The wood used in Design Hub factory is of high quality to ensure efficiency, where accessories and hinges are used to meet the daily needs of the customer and are German-made and are guaranteed for ten years. We provide you with a selection of distinctive designs with the latest technologies. Our designers have unlimited capabilities to deliver